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Proper filtration of system components is very important for the longevity and reliability of your HVAC system. It is also vital to the cleanliness of the air that you and your family breathe.

Proper maintenance of your filters also affects your system's electrical usage. For 1 inch pleated type filters, replacement on a monthly basis during the high usage months is recommended. For 4 inch and 5 inch filters, it's best to check them every 3 to 5 months respectfully. The traditional Aprilaire cartridge pleated media (201 and 401's) will last about 6 months during normal usage. We now carry Aprilaire's new patented 2410 and 2210 media filters and conversion kits. The 2210 and 2410 media last from 1 to  2 years and is capable of trapping 200 % more particulates than the old style 201's and 401's. The new and improved designed filters have a MERV rating of 13 compared to MERV 10 for the 201/401's. We also carry the conversion kit for the upgrade from a 201/401 style to a 2210/2410 media filter. Learn more about the 2210/2410 here.


We do not carry or recommend the inexpensive blue fiberglass throwaway filters.

Advanced Air carries a limited assortment of filter in stock. If we know your filter size before coming out for service, we will gladly deliver these to you. We do not ship filters unfortunately.

Our standard stock sizes:


If you do not see your filter size listed above, we offer a link to Tex-Air Filters in the FYI section. They manufacture and distribute specialty filters as well, such as carbon odor eliminating and hard to find sizes of all types.