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Aprilaire Models 2210/2410 Whole-House Air Cleaners

  Why suffer from airborne allergens when you can remove them for good? The best choice for allergy sufferers. Aprilaire 2210 and 2410 Whole-House Media Air Cleaners deliver the most efficient, cost-effective air cleaning for your home. Equipped with patented filtering media that can give you exceptionally clean air throughout your home - at a very affordable price.



Which Model is Right For Me?
Aprilaire Media Air Cleaners are available for you to choose from depending on your furnace type. All models provide the same superior performance and come with a five-year limited warranty. And, because these models have no moving parts, they produce no ozone and are virtually maintenance-free. Your local heating and cooling contractor can help you determine the right model for your home.

Model 2210: is easily adaptable to upflow or horizontal duct configurations.

Model 2410: is compact, great for use with today's shorter furnaces in platform or closet installations.

Benefits and Results
If you have allergies, you need effective whole-house air cleaning. Aprilaire Whole-House Air Cleaning systems provide superior cleaning benefits and proven results:

  • Traps 98% of visible airborne dust and other large particles
  • Permanently traps and removes 93% of pollen-sized particles (5.0 microns).
  • Traps and permanently removes 91% of mold and spore-sized particles (3.0 microns).
  • Provides more than 30 times the filtering media used in standard 1" furnace filters
  • Requires no maintenance other than the infrequent replacement of filtering media every 1-2 years
  • MERV rating of 13 at 1,200 cfm
  • 5-year limited warranty on parts from the date of installation
  • Retail price of a replacement filter media is generally in the $40-$60 range. Because the media only has to be replaced once a year, this is usually less expensive than 1” thick “high efficiency” filters which have to be replaced several times a year and the convenience of once-a-year replacement can’t be beat
  • Extends lifespan of expensive heating and cooling equipment
  • Can capture 200 % more particulates than the old style Aprilaire Model 2200 and 2400