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A Note From Tom

As of January 1st 2010, the air conditioning industry stopped shipping out equipment pre-charged with the old freon R-22.

 Currently, you may have to replace to NEW equipment because of a failure involving a part of a system that uses R-22. 

Replacing partial R22 systems is  not recommended (indoor coils). Outdoor R22 condensing units are no longer available. We recommend replacing both the coil and condenser using R-410a (the new freon) . 

On the matter of heatpumps, we will continue to replace only matched systems due to the likelihood of improper operation and that most warranties are voided.  The same logic is applicable for them as for the air conditioners, even when we can match them.

I understand that with our economic situation, none of us can afford to spend any more than we have to. If this makes your decision difficult, I'm truly sorry.



Tom Wilson, Owner



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